Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Prep work

Fibre week, and the master spinners classes are 2 months away. I'm still not done my level 2 homework, and really I should be. I have reasons that are indeed valid, like a sore wrist, a family member passing away, and general illness of everyone in this household(including me 4 times in 4 months) there are something's I could have been doing, like reading 2 more books, but really... I guess I felt like I had more time. But none the less, things are almost done, and I've got 2 months in which to do them. I did however spin up some neked wool for the level 3 dye assignment. It's lovely. It has the odd flaw, but it's still really good, IMHO. Unfortunately it's only about 240 yards(from 8 oz) and I need 250. I guess that just means I need to buy more fibre. Awe shucks. ;D